ASA 102: Keelboat Sailing 2

Class Introduction

ASA 102: Keelboat 2 is for sailors looking to take their ASA 101: Keelboat 1 to the next level and gain some valuable helm time prior to taking the ASA 103: Bareboat Cruising course.  After a quick review of ASA 101: Keelboat 1, we will launch right into advanced maneuvers such as Ducking, Advanced Jibing, Slow and Go, Mooring, Sailing Backwards and Sailing Rudderless.  There is also a heavy segment on Trim Concepts and Sail Shape and Power.  After graduating this class, you will have advanced knowledge of sail controls and trim from all the points of sail.  

The class is four segments of 2.5 hour on the water instruction that is hands-on and on the sailboat.  Our small class sizes ensure each student gets plenty of time at the helm.  There is currently no textbook available for this class, but there is a video you will have to watch prior to class.

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