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About sailboat rentals

We have many sailing boats in our fleet for rental. All of our boats are conveniently equipped with outboard motors for easy and flexible mobility. There are miles of open sailing water on the Potomac River at our location. We only require at least ASA 101: Basic Keelboat Sailing certification to rent our vessels without a captain on board. If you are not certified and are interesting in sailing, please consider taking one of our courses, booking a try sail two hour intro class, or scheduling a cruise.

What sets up apart?

Here are just a few reasons why others choose Northern Virginia Sailing School to build their sailing experience:

Flexible 24/7 scheduling
Outboard motor sailing (no paddling!)
Beautiful, clean boats
Excellent staff and crew
Huge Sailing Area (30 sq miles)
Easy cancellations / reschedules
Beautiful location with wildlife

Do you have any discounts?

Yes - pick your rental style below to purchase at discounted rates!

Pro Rental Package (8 hrs @ $250)

Islander Rental Package (20 hrs @ $599)

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What if the weather looks bad on reservation day?

We do our best to watch the weather, but mother nature often has the last word when it comes to sailing. Cancellations due to weather can occur at any time before or even during your sail. Your safety on the water is our #1 concern, and we will let you know if the weather looks unsafe. The school may cancel reservation at any time due to inclement weather, wind, unacceptable activity, or any other reason deemed permissible by Northern Virginia Sailing School. If the weather is forecast as a small craft advisory or worse, management will determine if your rental or lesson will be postponed or rescheduled and if it will be no cost to you.

What should I bring with me?

Please bring your sunscreen, hats, and lots of water! Wear boat shoes or rubber-soled shoes will prevent scuffs on the boat surface. Please check the weather before you come and give us a call at 571-331-0901 if you are unsure. The weather on the water can be 10 degrees warmer on hot days with no wind and can be 10 degrees cooler on windy, wet, or overcast days. Pack accordingly to make your experience a positive one!

I have a sailing certification, but it is not ASA. Can I still rent?

We will honor certifications from the American Sailing Association (ASA), United States Sailing, and Royal Yachting Association (RYA).  We do not take certifications that are from private clubs or organizations.  The curriculum for ASA, US Sailing, and RYA are structured and internationally recognized for day sailing vessels with outboard engines.

How do I get into the park?

We are located inside Leesylvania State Park. Enter the park and tell the contact station you are headed to the sailing school. Drive in until you see the boat ramps and large parking lots on your right. Turn into this and head to the far boat ramp (on the far side of the building). You will see the sailboat masts!!

Can I bring food or drinks?

Yes, please!  We only ask that you do not bring anything that will stain white boats (red wine, grape juice, etc.).  Please do not pollute the beautiful Potomac River with any trash.  It is illegal to throw all materials (glass, paper, plastic, etc.) into the river.

If I decide I do not want to go sailing that day, can I have my money back?

Reservation changes must be made 24 hours in advance or a cancellation fee may apply.  The school may cancel reservation at any time due to inclement weather, wind, unacceptable activity, or any other reason deemed permissible by Northern Virginia Sailing School. Cancellations made by the school due to inclement weather will be entitled to a full refund or credit (your choice) for the remaining time left on the reservation.

How far can I sail?

We have miles of sailing water that stretches from Virginia, across the channel, and into Maryland.  Because some areas of the Potomac River can be shallow during different tides, dangerous during certain wind currents, or considered high risk, please check in with the staff on duty at the docks before departing.  Areas such as Tim's Rivershore, the Occoquan River, and up Mattawoman creek past the initial inlet are not permitted.  In case an emergency prompts a quick return, please try to stay within a safe returning distance to the school.

Do I need to have a VA Safe Boaters license?

No, because all of our boats are under 10 horsepower which exempts our vessels from the safe boater's course.  We highly recommend taking this course if you will be sailing on Virginia or Maryland waters on a larger vessel in the future, however, as it is a very informative and safety-conscientious course.   You can find the free course at

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